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Let me help you take your artistry to the next level!

I love acting, and I love seeing actors of all levels reach their fullest potential. I want to build you up with confidence, encouragement, and the very best skills to succeed in your craft. Check out the options below to come grow your craft with me!

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Patricia Duran is incredibly talented in her own acting, and on top of that she has a natural way of bringing out emotions and techniques I didn’t know I was capable of. She is extremely patient, and clear in her instructions.


As an almost college graduate, I’ve had many teachers. Few have made an impact on me like Patricia Duran. Learning from someone as inspired as her only pushed me to work harder as an artist. She is a role model to her students both in character and spirit.


Patricia Duran's teaching was fundamental to my journey as an artist, and I continue to use the tools she introduced me to both on- and off-stage.


I learned how to create and become a character from the person’s posture, to the way they walk, to the pace they speak, to their tone of voice. If you listen to her and take her notes, there is no doubt you will be able to develop as an actor. She’s a safe space and she truly cares, not just about theatre, but about you.

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